Image of a Family Room in Duster Funeral Home
Private Family Room

Take a few moments to yourself in our private family room. Spacious enough to relax with your loved ones, and equipped with amenities to allow you to refresh and restore.

Casket Selection Room

We provide a large selection of urns and caskets. If you want choose your or a loved one’s casket in person, you can take a tour around our casket selection room and find the perfect resting place.

Duster Funeral Home Casket Selection Room
Family Lounge room at Duster Funeral Home
Family Lounge

Enjoy a quiet conversation while relaxing in our tranquil Family Lounge. This provides an area for the family to privately gather for consolation.

Floral Displays

We offer a wide arrange of floral pieces for you to make the best selection for your loved one.

Floral Displays at Duster Funeral Home
Monuments at Duster Funeral Home

Allow us to eternally celebrate your loved one with a beautiful, custom headstone.