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We understand that each family’s wishes are unique. That is why we offer so many choices to accommodate your religious and ethnic traditions and provide dignified and affordable services for everyone. Our staff is well versed in the special needs of all faiths and can take care of every detail on your behalf. Together with our family we can create a meaningful tribute as unique as the individual.

Helping families during the most difficult time with compassion and dignity is our goal and objective. All of our services include, preparation and filing of necessary certificates and permits, consultation with cemetery, crematory, or vault companies, the preparation and filing of insurance claims, as well as customized stationary for your service.

traditional burial
Traditional Burial

Families may choose to have a public visitation period followed by services and interment. Or they may opt for a more private and quaint gathering of the family along with a personalized burial of your loved one. In any regard, there are no restrictions as to what can be arranged; the typical requirements of embalming, vault, etc. can be eliminated, allowing for a more natural burial: simple yet meaningful.

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Cremation is a manner of final disposition and there are many options available to families to ease the burden of the decision process. We have outlined several of the most requested cremation options that families have selected.

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Cremation Services
Jewish Funeral Services - Pittsburgh, PA
Jewish Funeral Direction

Duster Funeral Home offers services for all beliefs of Judaism. The diversity within the Jewish community calls for a wide array of practices varying from the most traditional to liberal. Based on your degree of observance, we will guide you through the funeral process while taking into consideration any requirements per your rabbi and cemetery.

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Concierge Services

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